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Nathan Tabor: What is the best way to prevent abortions?

What is the best way to prevent abortions?


What do you think about the claim that "One sobering statistic reveals that every time a teenage girl has extramarital sex, she has a 47 percent chance of catching the virus that causes cervical cancer." ? I'm having a hard time believing that pretty much every woman ends up with -- HPV, I presume? -- after having extramarital (and I presume this means what people commonly call "premarital") sex three times. While that may not be what the math adds up to exactly, it seems that nearly every woman who fornicates would eventually get anything that she has a 47 percent chance of getting every time she fornicates.

But maybe she does. Is it something that ever goes away?

Oh, and since you asked, I absolutely think chastity, and helping young people to be chaste, is the best way to prevent abortions. Long-term at least.

i seem to remember hearing that hpv is endemic in humans, and that a girl is about as likely to get it from being born as from having sex. do you know if that's true?

Another way to prevent abortions would be to provide support to women who become unexpectedly pregnant: job training, better living situations, the ability to raise the child without seriously impacting a woman's chance to go to college, and a REAL series of job tracks that can begin after a woman has put her children in school rather than straight out of college.

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