WHite smoke alert

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Habemus Papam
It is frustrating to be stuck inside an office with limited contact to the outside world. Thank you to the fellowblogger who sent me this email!
Update: Just heard that Cardinal Ratzinger will be Pope Benedict XVI
Thanks to the technogeeks at Catholic Light!

I guess speroforum did well to run my story on the Cardinal Ratzinger fan club as the lead this week! I hope this doesn't crash Christopher's server. (just checked, looks like the server crashed. Poor Chris!)


Thank heavens Catholic Light knew you were cut off! And I can't believe I forgot all about the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club! poor things! They can take solace in the knowledge that they were way ahead of the curve on appreciating and acknowledging His Holiness!

Congratulations! I'm so happy that your Church has chosen a good man who will uphold orthodoxy.

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