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I have a friend who is currently investigating the claims of the Catholic church. She has described herself as "treading water" in the Tiber. Earlier today, before we heard the news of the election, she sent me the following in an email. She has gracefully given me permission to post this. Please pray for her, her husband and her children. She is a person who above all wants to follow Jesus, "The way, the truth, and the life", wherever He leads her.

Another providential thing that happened this morning was that as my hubby and I were watching TBN this morning, we discovered that Benny Hinn's program, "This is Your Day" is all about the Catholic church this week, and his guests are all Catholics who are explaining the Catholic Catechisms and beliefs. Did you know that Benny Hinn was raised by Catholic nuns in Israel? Benny Hinn attended the Pope's funeral mass and it sounded like he wanted to return to his spiritual roots....how wild is that?

Also, I was watching TV as Dr. Jack Van Impe publicly repented for his prejudices against the Cathoic church this week on his program. He said that he has read over 500 sermons by Pope John Paul II and was profoundly touched by them. What is going on?

I am reminded of the scripture that says, Unless a seed goes into the ground and dies, it cannot bring forth fruit." I believe that the home-going of the Holy Father has set something very powerful in motion and that many, many souls will come into the Kingdom because of it.


What a wonderful thought that was about the seed ... I will be praying for your friend and her family.

Dear Alicia,

How 'bout that new springtime?



The blessings we've received from Pope John Paul II continue! What an interesting time in history that we live in.

God bless,

I'm happy to see that it wasn't just me. . .the text about the seed dying to bear fruit came very powerfully to me in reference to the death of John Paul II. I, too, will be one of those fruits of his ministry. Just today, I've started the process of reception into the Church.

God bless her and her family as they draw closer to Jesus Christ, because that's what it's all about!

Great stuff here.

And the info about JVI is not too surprising. He's moderated his views about Catholicism a lot over the past few years. That, and from what I know, he's truly a prince of a guy.

I always watch a few minutes of him when I stumble across JVI Presents. The giddiest preacher of the Rapture you will ever see--the enthusiasm is infectious.

My experience in the past as a Biblically-soaked Fundamentalist/Evangelical is that no one who follows the roots of the good things s/he is taught there can stay within those confines, but hand-over-hand makes their way to the Ancient Tradition. Lots of us, anyway. And JPII's witness, particularly at the end, smooths and points the way.

Bless all of you out there who are treading the Tiber, or inching closer to her shore. As a convert I too had much to overcome, but the joy at being part of the Church is more than I ever dreamed. Come on in, the water is wonderful!

My family just joined the Catholic Church at this year's Easter Vigil. We are so happy. We have for certain found the true church. The Catholic Church has such a depth to it, we will spend the rest of our lives learning and still will only scratch the surface.

Wonderful post, fantastic news about your friend. We must always remember that no matter how far away from our position someone may seem, that the Holy Spirit has the power to work miracles of the heart. We have a responsibility as followers of Christ to believe that and pave the way for the Spirit's work. People like Benny Hinn, whom I've watched and have been concerned about his influence and theatrics, even they have a still, small place within that God reaches and speaks to. What a wonderful moment in history we are experiencing!

Benny Hinn? -- Amazing. . . . good news. =)

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