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Before you do anything else, go over and read Mr. Luse's tribute to the Holy Father.
As Mama T says the speculation has already begun by dissenters who hope (against common sense!) that the new pope will somehow change doctrine on the classic three issues - the ordination of women, the ban on artificial contraception (plus/minus abortion) and the condemnation of fronication, adlutery, and sodomy. I had the misfortune to be stuck in the car earlier today listening to a WBUR interviewer lead Mary Ann Hinsdale, a nun and associate professor of theology at Boston College, through her paces. I had prepared a well-written letter to the producer and was just about ready to send it when Comcast crashed the DNS server and my efforts were totally wiped out. I will try to rewrite it and get it sent ASAP but I am really bummed out. My basic contention was that they should, in the interest of balanced journalism, also interview Dr. Janet Smith, who after all teaches theology in a Major Seminary (and not just in a secular college) and who has written extensively and definitively on the topics in the interview.
If I manage to recover my thoughts, I'll post them here.
I really do need to get to sleep if I'm going to try to get up at 0 dark early to see the Papal funeral before I go to work. I hope that some one will tape it. John is currently incommunicado as he is on a Cursillo weekend. Pray for him - he's on the presenting team and this is his first time. He will be giving his talk just after breakfast tomorrow. I haven't made it to church or to adoration nearly as much as I would have liked this week. It seems like I'm either working or sleeping. I don't know why but the antibiotics are acting almost more like sleeping pills - but I know from the smell and taste that they are indeed the prescribed antibiotic. Three more days of antibiotics and I'll be free of them!


My bedtimes lately have not been incompatible with watching the funeral live. We're videotaping, but I might watch it anyway. I should nap. The baby, who used to be our champion sleeper, is still up. His daddy is taking his turn with him, walking him in the sling to Catholic Latin Classics.

Am I the only one disappointed that the funeral won't be viewed by more Americans who wouldn't stay up, wake up early, or videotape? Well, maybe people in some other region of the world need it more. (Like Europe!)

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