Madrid, Spain/Houston, Texas /April 11/2005
-- Communication in today’s world requires openness and a new approach with respect to media. Spero News is that new approach.

Initially in English, and soon expanding into Spanish, Spero News is a bi-lingual weekly electronic magazine and community spanning the globe providing premium content submitted from its nearly 100 collaborators. Spero News aims to enhance society by creating a premier, alternative network for readers seeking quality news, information and interaction through the Internet by providing news, commentary, and analysis that encourages citizen participation. In that respect, Spero News is a unique experience towards creating a constructive dialogue between media and readers with the aim of promoting a correctly informed and discerning public opinion as reflected in Judeo-Christian values. By melding journalists, citizen journalists and sector professionals, Spero News also guarantees that its news is by the people and for the people.

Spero News´ collaborators from various countries are united in an electronic format that will enable the creation of long-lasting relationships with a large audience of discriminating users. Spero News is already receiving contributions from writers in Australia, Canada, Cyprus, England, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, the United States and Wales, with more expected to soon join.

In turn, readers will appreciate and value Spero News´ closer, "grassroots," touch, while at the same time appreciating the maintaining of high-quality standards, coupled with an online experience for a uniquely knowledgeable community of users through a networked environment that provides answers, analysis, points-of-view and like-minded associates.

A primary goal of Spero News is to teach citizens writing skills whereby they may take a more active role in policies that affect the social fabric, and an appreciation of the corresponding responsibility that comes with gained knowledge.

Spero News seeks to promote justice and solidarity according to an organic and correct vision of human development, by reporting events accurately and truthfully, analyzing situations and problems completely, and providing a forum for different opinions. Spero News believes that an authentically ethical approach to using the powerful communication media must be situated within the context of a mature exercise of freedom and responsibility, founded upon the supreme criteria of truth and justice.

Complimenting the community experience is The Spero Forum, which is already averaging 15,000 unique visitors per day. Spero News will also host Writer’s Journals (blogs) for those people interested. Spero News is the product of Spero, launched in 2002 in Houston, Texas, and the Madrid-based Santificarnos.com website, as well as the addition of a rapidly growing family of collaborators

For more information, including syndication, or if you would like to collaborate with Spero News, please contact:


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