Sometimes I hate being on the East Coast

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From what I have been hearing, I missed 3 great hours on Fox News last night. First, Christopher West and Janet Smith talking about the Theology of the Body. Then, Fox News meets EWTN with Raymond Arroyo and others. Finally, Patrick Madrid and other fine Catholic spokesmen.
After two nights with little sleep, I had to go to bed last night! Today was my first day back at work after my attack of cellulitis.
Did anyone tape any of that on Fox? I would love to see or hear the tapes.


Ya know, I really think Raymond Arroyo is about the best interviewer out there these days. He asks insightful questions, listens to the replies, and just seems genuinely interested in his subject. He also is knowledgeable about the subject, whatever it may be- and he really seems to care. I just love him...

If you can at all swing it, I recommend Tivo. My wife was suspect ("how is it any different from a VCR?") for about 2-3 days, but is sold now (has been for about 3-4 years). Watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it -- easily. Don't worry about tapes or accidentally overwriting that important show (or running past the end of the tape). And for the time we let the kids watch TV, it has dramatically improved the quality of what they see. There's always a cache of decent stuff ready. In fact we now tend to find watching live television to be annoying.

They've come way down in price. If you have any questions about them, drop me an email.

I wish I caught it on tape. There were just so many people out there that I never thought I would see on mainstream TV. (And to think I'd hear the Feast of Divine Mercy mentioned on FOX news. That's a small miracle right there!

I watched some of it. Kudos to FoxNews for bringing in Catholics who actually abide by the teachings of the Church. A few channels have become obsessed with the dissenters out there - I think that's what I've expected - but FoxNews has focused on faithful Catholics.

It interesting but in the wake of Pope John Paul II's death, the world is getting a heavy dose of his theology. Perhaps this will become a special time of grace for the world. Fitting, I think.

God bless,

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