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I've been listening to Marie Bellet in the car again. Her CD Lighten Up, to be specific. I brought it into the house just now so I could listen to it while I am writing this. I find so much encouragement in her music. She's a musician with an MBA who has worked in healthcare, and yet she sees her job as mom of eight to be the most important thing in her life. I've blogged on her earlier. I just love the way she says things. She is so Catholic, so incarnational.

A phrase from the song "Round and Round" has been rattling in my brain since shortly after the death of the Pope. Let me share.

They say "God, if we may be so bold
Why must our hearts suffer so?"
He says,"On a need to know basis, all will unfold
But my darlings, you don't need to know"

My blog friend Bene Diction asked me to wrote a few words about the papal elections and the Cardinal Ratzinger fan club for the next issue of the Spero Forum. All over the internet are sites wondering, speculating, laying odds and indulging in all sorts of all too human activities. I guess that we all want to know who the Holy Spirit will select for our next Pope - and hoping and praying that the electors are listening to the Holy Spirit! And I keep on hearing Marie singing "On a need to know basis, it all will unfold, but my darlings, you don't need to know."


Alicia, I love listening to Marie Bellet. I never used to struggle with my vocation as a Catholic mom, but since this last pregnancy, I've been feeling more defensive/a bit like a crazy person about the whole thing. Maybe I feel that I have to prove that I can have a bunch of kids and they can usually be clean and well behaved.

Listening to MB really brings things back into focus (especially when my kids, also fans, say, "Mommy, 'Ay yai, yai sounds jutst like you!'")

I can just picture God saying, "And darlin, you don't need to know".

Marie Bellet is goooood!

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