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Over in the blogroll, you will find Approchons-nous de la Table
He doesn't post too often so I check in about once a week or so. Here is the official translation (via yahoo) of his most recent post.
Wednesday, April 06, 2005
to follow and continue the topicality
In these hours of media hysteria, I recommend the reading of the Beige Living room to you, collective French catholic blogist.
The messages short and are well documented, essential quality during these days of vacancy of the head office of Pierre whereas the official "commentators" take their desires for realities and the truth for variable of adjustment.
I guess you could say that the head office of Pierre is vacant.
Le Salon Beige
has some very interesting commentary on the media, as well as a perspectives from a different culture which is still Catholic to the core. I do recommend it if you can possibly read through it.


Thank you Alicia, for visiting me regularly :-) I indeed don't post more than once or twice a week : maybe that taste for espressos (short and strong) ;-)
As for Salon Beige, they do a tremendous and inspired job, especially during these special weeks.
Seen from my eyes of French living in Belgium, I find them a bit too focused on French politics which is hopeless as for faith... and for politics.
But I used to do the same.

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