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I guess that I have become somewhat of a bit player in the Catholic blogosphere, which amazes me no end. This blog and my writing has taken on a bit of a life of its own. My original thoughts were to focus a bit on the interplay between my faith and my profession, with maybe a few bits here and there about my other avocations like music, books, culinary events, and the like. Instead, I seem to end up running off at the keyboard about world events and broad religious, moral, and ethical principles. I'll sit down with a few thoughts and before I realize what's happened, 800 words appear on the screen.

In some ways, I should have realized that I had 'arrived' when I started getting unsolicited emails from newbies asking me to link to them. I'm no Mark Shea or Amy Welborn, a link from me isn't going to make or break a new blogger. I don't know whether to be flattered or annoyed by the attention. I regularly get 200 - 300 emails daily in my public inbox, much of it spam or listserv stuff to be sure. But I also get wonderful comments and links from loyal and disloyal readers alike. The sea of information out there is so vast, it's great to have more fisherman to help drag the depths.

It is a humbling thought, to realize that what I write actually has an effect of some kind. In Cursillo, we are taught to be a friend, make a friend, bring a friend to Christ. It isn't about me at all. It's about letting go and letting God try to make the best use of me, since after all He made me.

Deo gracias for each and every one of you that drops by here. I pray that I've managed to be of some assistance. Keep me in your prayers, and know that I am praying for each and every one of you.


I remember the thrill I felt the first time you left a comment on something I wrote. Face it, you're famous! Actually, what you are is engaging and relevant and approachable. Carry on!!

And you also are kind. I remember that you were one of the first people to welcome me to the blogosphere.

It is a compliment when you become a "player" because no one can scent insincerity or inconsistency like blog readers. You are "real."

Wow, I remember when you were just setting up your blog! I knew her when, people!

Off topic, great article in Spero News too (and I was surprised yet AGAIN!). :-)

Isn't it funny how weblogs can evolve?

I started ours about 4 1/2 years ago shortly after finding out that our expectation for the arrival of baby number three was actually going to be number three and four. A few snippets here and there, manually editing the html, no weblogging system. I was still researching the packages of the time. MovableType was not a presence. WordPress didn't exist. Most often you just used a service.

I also wanted to learn more about web development. If you're up to it, there's plenty of opportunity for webloggers there. Scripting languages, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Apache, etc. So much you can learn if you've got the time and interest.

But what I like most of all was just the practice of writing, editing, and refining. It also gave me the opportunity to work on developing digital photography skills.

Our weblog is a bit different than most. I've intentionally put in coding to avoid search engines. I wasn't writing for an Internet community at large. I was writing for distant family in order to stay connected with them. In our case, I didn't want "to arrive". I also 'portalized' it a bit with information I wanted handy: upcoming events, today's saint and gospel, the weather forecasts for the areas we live in, etc.

I love reading the weblogs of orthodox Catholic webloggers. It's a nice antidote for modernity, major media, and the cafeteria Catholics. Keep up the good work Alicia!

Hey Alicia, your blog is a must-read on my own list of bookmarks.... I'm glad you are "booming", I like your viewpoint and your way of wriitng.

Congratulations :)

Yes, well, all these people obviously have found out just how wonderful you are. No mystery there.

"It's about letting go and letting God try to make the best use of me, since after all He made me."

Well, He done good when he did that!

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