Benedict XVI

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Doesn't that have a nice ring to it? I am so grateful that the electors listened to the Holy Spirit.
EWTN has a Biography up here
Info on St. Benedict here
I appreciate the Benedictines, they are a wonderful monastic order. They also developed a very tasty liquer. I learned a lot about them from reading Kathleen Norris's book Cloister Walk.
I also remember reading In This House of Brede and learning about the Rule of Benedict. I just learned that Diana Rigg (one of my favorite actresses) starred in a movie version of the book - I wonder if it is worth trying to find?

Ragemonkeys list 16 links to info on Benedict XV (the last Pope of that name)
The internet is buzzing as people, from the elite to the humble, try to get information and post commentary. Be patient, many pages are taking twice as long as normal to load, and some sites are crashed completely from overload.
Addendum - President Bush offers congratulations.


I saw the Diana Rigg movie a while ago but from what I remember it was pretty good.

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