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St. Gerard fertility care center's web page
There's a great opening prayer to St. Gerard, a news feed, and some forums for discussion of fertility and infertility issues from a Catholic POV.
It doesn't seem to be formatted blog style, but it isn't as static as many other web pages.
My mother in law (may she rest in peace) introduced me to St. Gerard. She had a great devotion to him, especially after she had serious complications in her third pregnancy. She credited his prayers with helping her and her babies to be alive and healthy despite recurrent kidney stones and twice having placenta previa. She even named one of her sons after him.
Even as an Anglican child, I had an understanding that the Communion of Saints included both the quick (living) and the dead (as the creed was formerly translated). One of the high points for me of the Papal funeral was listening to the litany of the saints. It was kind of like reading the credits at the end of a movie, and looking for the names of people I might know, however distantly.

As it says in the book, any friend of God's is a friend of mine. I have really appreciated getting to know more about the saints. I hope and pray that one day I will have a chance to see them face to face, in the glorious company of the angels, in the presence of our Lord and Savior.


I'm reading a book about St. Gerard now. It seems that his life is a story about doing extreame pennance out of sheer gratitute for the Lords gifts. He is well known as the patron saint of motherhood, but this had nothing to do with his earthly life, rather, it was a reputation he gained after his death. His earthly life was full of miracles. In reading the book, it seems to me that many of the miracles occur in his worst possible moments. It's almost as if he was just looking for punishment in the Lords name in so many things that the Lord would perform these miracles through him just to spare him from a bad situation (which would have made him happy to take upon himself anyway). There's not enough room to describe it all in detail here, but that is the gist of it.

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