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One of the wonderful things about the internet is that one has the opportunity to interact with all sorts of folks.
I'm on an email list that is primarily supposed to discuss the Pope's Theology of the Body, but often gets onto all sorts of other stuff. One recurrent theme (as it seems to be everywhere that Catholics gather) is liturgy.
A fellow listmember posted this on her blog - she asks some pretty good questions. If you have been following the discussions from the frustrated choir director over at Catholic Light, you will certainly also want to read this.
I know that Erik considers the pianoforte to be the instrument of the devil (at least in certain venues). Me, I love the guitar when played like the lyre but not when blasted out and aplified into white noise. But does one's personal taste really have any value when considering the appropriate instruments for liturgy and worship?


I love the piano, when piano music is played on it. My problem is when music that is totally unsuited to it (Bach, Scarlatti, etc.) is played on it. I can even forgive playing Mozart on a modern piano, although to hear him played on a wooden frame piano is wonderful.

I do object to the piano as a liturgical instrument, because it is unsuited for the acoustics of a church and as an accompaniment to choral singing. Ditto guitars. Wind instruments and organs are much better suited for the task.

Recently I have been playing the piano again. Loving Kabalevsky, Khachatourian, Satie, Chopin, Granados, Mozart, and even a little Berg for good measure!

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