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My entries (this is 1600) and my comments (now at 1598 since I moved to are almost even!
Hilary asked for an interview - here you go, madame.
1. Who is Philothea and why are your blog posts mostly letters to her?
2. Is it true that you are planning to relocate to Malta? Is it more a matter of not liking where you are or of liking Malta?
3. Your email "quicustodiet66" looks like it comes from a famous Latin phrase about who will watch the guardians. Why did you choose this particular phrase?
4. What saint or biblical person would you most like to interview? What would be your first question?
5. What do you read for entertainment? (or do you read for entertainment?)


Just a guess, but I'd bet Philothea is a reference to the book "Introduction to the Devout Life" by St. Francis de Sales. He addresses his counsel to "Philothea", a hypothetical student wishing to advance in sanctity.

My answers are up--you have to scroll down a bit, though.

Not sure if I should answer here or on the blog. I am supposed to be not blogging for lent but it isn't working out very well. What if I answer them and put them up after Easter? Not very timely...

What to do...what to do...

"who is Philothea?"

Doesn't anyone read sidebars? I worked so hard on mine to make it interesting...

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