If you have High School aged children, read this

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addendum - sorry about the bad link, will try to redo later
Article on the new SAT
NY Times op-ed on the writing component of the SAT


I couldn't get the first article. It said cookies weren't enabled on my browser. They are.

I read the second one.

I see nothing wrong with having an essay.

My parents made me learn the five paragraph essay when I wasn't taught it in school.

I am sure my daughter will do just fine on it.

Is there a specific reason why you posted this Alicea? Do you have an opinion on it?

other than that my daughter was interviewed for the first article...
I changed the link - it should work now

Hannah will be taking this next weekend. I think having an essay is kinda subjective ...

This was in our paper this morning and I laughed because I also have no clue what my SAT was. It was enough to get me into KU and that's all that mattered.

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