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I have agreed to be one of many contributors to a pioneering effort to provide free faith based news and commentary on the web. To the best of my knowledge, we are all doing this gratis, out of our love for this medium and our passion for the truth.
Details here.
As you can see, I'm a relatively minor player among this group of stellar writers and commentors, but I hope that I can contribute matters of interest.
Story ideas welcome!


Many congrats, but you're no "oaf". You're just one "of" them.

Alicia, I saw that yeserday because I read that blog fairly often! I was really impressed that you had committed to do some writing there. Good for you and good for them -- and good for all of us who will benefit!!

Sincerely, Monica

Congratulations, Alicia, I'll look forward to your contributions over there.

My point exactly Gregg (want to join, nice to see u still around!). And yes, nobody is getting paid!

Greetings Alicia from another minor player who feels somewhat overawed by this.

I've been visiting your blog for quite while now and enjoy what you write.

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