Archbishop Chaput speaks out

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"Genuine emergency contraception - i.e., steps to prevent ovulation following a rape - poses no problem for Catholics. "

Is there something out there that does this?

Awhile ago, I'd read something about nuns taking the pill because they were at high risk of rape (some warring country). But that wouldn't be morally ok because of the secondary effects of the pill. Unless it was before the abortifacient aspect of the pill was known.


What a clear and concise article on the question. Get that man a red hat fast.

Sandy, the nuns taking OCPs were originally in Africa (I think Congo) during the 1960s.
There are a number of medication that will prevent inhibit ovulation while being taken (although ovulation will usually resume anywhere from 1 day to several weeks after they are stopped). The early OCPs contained a high enough dose of female hormones to completely suppress ovulation. (The hormone levels were from 5 to 50 times higher than in the pills of today, hence those nuns were placed at much higher risk of breast cancer- for which there were already in a high risk group).
ECPs will prevent or delay ovulation if taken before ovulation has already occured. Natural progesterone in high doses will also prevent or delay ovulation if taken in the early part of the menstrual cycle.
The abortifacient component of OCPs and ECPs has to do with the effect on the uterine lining, and that is one that comes into play following ovulation.
The Diocese of Peoria has a protocol for administering ECPs to rape survivors based upon every possible attempt to determine where in the menstrual/ovulatory cycle the woman is. It is controversial. Kevin Miller over at HMS blog has the details if you are interested in it.

Talk about a perfect example of a bishop instructing his flock: I've had several conversations about this in recent months with friends and we couldn't get the straight answer from anywhere. Jeff is right - let's get the man a cardinal hat.
**On a side note, a friend from college preparing for holy matrimony in June is currently enjoying having Archbishop Chaput do their marriage preparation. How cool is that?!?

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