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I was in error linking the development of tubal ligation to the Nazis. mea culpa. I try to do thorough fact checking but in this case I accepted the word of a secondary source without double checking.
I found an article on tubal ligation that includes a historical timeline as well as some technical descriptions of the surgery. As you can see from the timeline, it appears that most of the research was done in countries other than Germany:

In 1897, Kehrer and Buettner divided the tubes between the sutures.

In 1898, Ruhl cut the tube 5 cm from the uterus and sutured the ends to a vaginal incision.

In 1898, Rose removed the tubes at the cornua.

In 1919, Madlener crushed and ligated the tubes with nonabsorbable suture.

In 1924, Irving published his method in which the proximal portion of the severed tube is buried in a small myometrial tunnel on the anterior uterine surface.

In 1930, colleagues posthumously published the Pomeroy technique in the New York State Journal of Medicine.

In the 1940s, Hajime Uchida developed his technique, which can be performed as an interval or puerperal procedure. He subsequently reported on his personal experience with more than 20,000 tubal sterilizations over 28 years without a known failure.

In 1936 in Switzerland, Bosch performed the first laparoscopic tubal occlusion as a method for sterilization.

Given what we now know about the Nazis' they probably experimented with these techniques, but they did not seem to have developed any 'pioneering innovations'.

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