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a meme that has been popping up - 10 things I did that you probably didn't
1. Ate enough chocolate liquer bottles to get intoxicated at the age of 10 (lived in France at the time)
2. Got a spiral fracture of the fifth metacarpal while shoveling snow
3. Did a classical music show (Baroque and before) on a college FM radio station
4. Read completely through Dewey Decimal system #s 610 to 619 at three different libraries
5. Flunked HS CHemistry then aced it 5 years later in college
6. Regularly wrote postcards using transliterated Tolkien runes (see the appendix to LOTR)
7. Made scrapple from scratch, and then ate it
8. Dropped out of ROTC to get married.
9. Went from 4 cm to a babe in arms in less than 2 hours - 6 times. (went 8 to baby in 8 minutes, and 9 to baby in 9 minutes)
10. I lost on Jeopardy, baby.
addendum: scrapple is a dish that is kind of a cross between pork sausage and polenta. pork, seasonings, buckwheat flour, and cornmeal are cooked together into a kind of mush that is them chilled. It is sliced and fried like fried mush before serving.


Alicia, my husband says about #6, "I could only aspire to that level of geekdom." ;-) I had no idea you were a LotR fan. My husband has read it about 26 times. :-)

About #9, I went 1cm to babe in arms in under 90 minutes twice. Wee-hah. That's a level of intensity one doesn't often experience. :-)

what's 'scrapple'? Or do I want to know?

Isn't scrapple some horrible-looking pork product? I only know these things from looking on in perhaps fascinated horror at the supermarket. Souse loaf -- urgh.

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