I'm back, I've not been able to access my blog or any of stblogs.org since early this morning.
I love my readers. I have one who without fail sends me tons of links that might be of interest. I don't post all of them, but it is so helpful when I am so limited for time to hunt things down.
Here (thanks to that reader) is a link to the powerful Newsweek article about our holy father.
"John Paul's personal Calvary has become his most powerful message".

So very true, and what a witness, what a testimony.

"The spectacle of his condition crystallizes his ferocious attachment to life—the most central, coherent and consistent teaching of his papacy—whether that life is threatened in the womb by abortion, or in old age by euthanasia."

I'm old enough to remember the death of Blessed John XIII and the subsequent papal conclave. I remember the conclave that brought us JPI and how surprised all the pundits were, and even more so the next conclave a month later. The Holy Spirit has more surprises in store for us, I am sure.

Anyhow, go read the article. If you have the money, buy the print edition too. Let's encourage the MSM to publish more articles like this one. I am also betting that this issue will be worth quite a lot when JP2 is canonized.

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