Shrove Tuesday

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Tonght we ate the last of the meat based leftovers in the fridge in preparation for 40 days without. It is something that we decided years ago to do as a family. We finished the meal with crepes - must eat pancakes on pancake Tuesday.
After dinner I picked up one of our 4 cats and I realized that he was ill - took him to the emergency vet and, as I suspected, his bladder is blocked. So he is in the hospital tonight getting a catheter placed and getting started on medications. These things never happen during normal office hours, no, they happen late at night. Please pray that he recovers quickly - the other cats keep looking for him!
On call tomorrow for Ash Wednesday - I am hoping that I will be able to slip out for an evening Mass. One never knows, though, and we have several moms due this week.
Look for a post sometime soon where I explain my remark about 'most cesareans become necessary by the time they are done'. I do think that we have way too many cesareans in this country, but it is overly simplistic to lay blame on any one group of persons. Last night was our quarterly journal club - we discussed the movement towards elective primary cesareans. Very heated discussion ensued. More on that later, also.


We didn't do a cupboard clearing for Mardi Gras, but we did go to Nashua'a "Texas Roadhouse" restaurant for some steaks. Unfortunately I can already feel the hunger first thing this Ash Wednesday morning... and it's only 6:30. I wasn't ready for the mortification to begin so soon. :-)

I have a general physical this morning and they asked me to fast for the bloodwork. No problem, I thought. Kill two birds with one stone.

Welcome to Lent.

Ya'll go meatless the entire 40 days? Do you also do away with dairy and eggs/cheese, or just meat?

Do tell when you get a chance. It's something we've considered around here.

We keep the dairy/egg/cheese, and also fish. But no animal flesh of any kind, with, as I said, an exception for St Patricks' day.

We never eat out on a weekday but did yesterday, at Outback Steakhouse, owing to the Great Deprivation ahead (of course, deprivation is relative and it doesn't take much here to feel so).

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