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Demographics and the Culture Wars
American birth rates today are the highest in the industrialized world yet even those are nonetheless just below the replacement level of 2.1.
Thanks to my dear friend at Keel the Pot.


On a semi-related population tangent, I heard yesterday that of the 100 fastest growing counties within the USA, George took 97, JFKerry took 3. (It was a radio program expounding further about a topic I read about last December) I think that says volumes about a continuing shift in population demographics the Democrats need to avoid if they hope not to repeat the last election (governorships, congress, the president...) The policies that they tend to focus on do not have as much appeal to the most 'fertile' communities who make the future voters. :)

It reminds me of an old one liner: celibacy is not hereditary. One might say the same of being pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage.

Hope this post doesn't smack too much of "hate speech"...

Ack! Okay, that article was scary. :-(

No hate speech here, just the naked truth.

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