A Catholic perspective on Childbirth

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A friend sent me this link, which looks to be a paper from a Christendom student. I haven't had a chance to read through it in detail, but the author cites all the same folks that I would cite for such a paper.


I just finished reading this. I would love to give it to the midwife that I go to. I have brought up before to her the continuity of natural birth, natural family planning. I think even with midwives, who are waaayyyyy better than the average OB, if they believe in the use of contraception, they are contradicting themselves. Proclaiming the wonderous way the woman's body works during birth, but completely disabling that same woman's fertility is illogical. OOOH, don't get me started. I have to go now, because I am trying to discipline my wicked tongue, and even though I am typing, I still think it counts. Thanks for this very interesting link!!!

Very interesting, Alicia. It came as no surprise that Fr. William Virtue was a major source for this paper.

I think it is a great paper!

Thanks for sharing it. Where you get the time, I'll never know!!

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