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La Shawn asks
1) How long have you been blogging?
2 years and a few days (my first entry is dated 1/9/03)
2) Do you believe you’re addicted to blogging? Please explain, and be honest. It is habit-forming, I must confess. (If I decide to use your response, I may have follow-up questions.)
I can go a few days without blogging, and sometimes I get sick of it. But I don't see it is an addiciton, it is more that I have made a committment to my (few thought they may be) readers. As far as I know, I am the only midwife blogging (if there any others, please let me know!) and definitely the only Catholic midwife blogging in the USA. If I am addicted to anything, it is probably my community - but I don't honestly see that as an unhealthy addiction. My family and my local community take priority.

3) Have you ever taken a hiatus? If so, for what reason and how long?
I take time off whenever I feel like it, or if I am busy or just not in the mood. My hiatus may not involve doing no posting, it is more likely that I will take a hiatus from thoughtful and well-written content, and just post links, short comments, or quiz results. In a sense, I have been on hiatus for a few weeks now - I have some real content percolating in my brain but it isn't fully brewed yet.

4) Have you ever thought of giving up your blog? Why or why not?
Nope. I sometimes get frustrated with the technical stuff or disheartened by some reader/commentors, but I figure that this is worthwhile even if only 1 or 2 people find my writings of value.


Thanks for the link and the response, Alicia. :)

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