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Well, I guess my malaise of the last week of the year was just a prodrome to what laid me low yesterday. I don't want to go into the details, but let me say that my nurses made me go home early from work on Friday New Year's Eve - I think they were afriad that I was going to pass out on them. Repeated comment "You look soooo pale!". Got home yesterday and basically passed out - cold sweats and hot flashes - if this was a pretaste of menopause I don't want it! Oh, well, maybe this will help me get started on losing some of the weight that has found me over the last several years. I think I have managed to consume maybe 400 calories the last 24 hours, mostly in clear liquids.
I will try to have some content worth reading sometime in the next few days. Meanwhile, I suggest checking out some of the other worthwhile blogs lited on the blogroll - or you could check out the Christian Carnival and the Catholic Carnival. ANd,. of course, Dawn always has pithy comments to make.
Me - I'm heading down to the kitchen to check on the soup. Beef barley from the last of the Christmas roast beef - hope it tastes as good as it sounded when I started in on it.


Sorry about your unwellness. We've been under the weather too.

I just joined dietwatch.com. Those log-type things help me, but I'm disappointed at how few nutrients it tracks. Have you seen this free "Interactive Healthy Eating Index": from the USDA? I really like it, but it has problems remembering my input sometimes and I'd hoped paying for DW would solve that problem. Oh well, maybe we can get some downloadable nutrition software instead.

Hmm, St. Blog's Weight Loss Club anyone?

I'm sorry you're sick--but glad to hear you're making soup. If you've got the flu or whatever's going around (which I think is far more likely than menopause, based on your symptoms), the broth and other liquids will help.

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