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The Joys of Nazareth
On a slightly different note, I caught the tail end of the documentary film "Love is a Choice" about St. Gianna Molla. I am going to try to see all of it when it reruns on EWTN. I have fallen in love with the story of her life - even if she hadn't died in such a heroicly virtuous way, I think that she still would have been recognized as a saint for our times.
I wish that I had a relic of her. How does one go about getting a relic? Does anyone know? It wasn't covered in my education when becoming Catholic.


Hmm...I have a relic of St. Gerard (first class, no less) that my mom gave me, which she got from her aunt. I wonder if writing to the group responsible for her canonization cause would help any. It amazes me, that here we have this incredible saint, and her family is still living! How awesome it must be to have a wife or mother who is a saint recognized by the Church. Too much! Anyway, maybe someone more knowledgeable about relics will weigh in on this.

As far as I know, relics are sometimes avaliable as gifts from certian groups, such as religious orders. No money should be charged for the exchange of the relic, although they can charge cost for the box that holds it. This is a rather hazy rememberance of the procedure that I have stored somewhere in the depths of my mind.
All I can say with complete certianty is that, though they are availiable, one shoud not buy them off Ebay! They should never be sold.

I've never heard how to get relics, but thank you for the link. :)

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