another st gianna?

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The ultimate testimony, giving your life to save your child's. Thanks for posting this.

Reminds me of my aunt Maryann who died nearly two years ago with similar conviction.

Saint Gianna, please be at the gates to welcome this holy woman to heaven! May she be looking upon the Lord's face now, and sitting close to our Blessed Mother.

It's my understanding that a cousin's wife did something similar. She was pregnant with her first child. If I understand correctly, her condition was misdiagnosed, and later she, a non-smoker, was found to have lung cancer. She didn't want treatment that would harm the baby, and asked to be put in a medically-induced coma for the baby's sake (not sure exactly how that helps, just relaying what I think I know.) She died shortly after the baby was born. He is now 8 years old, and has some relatively minor problems from prematurity, but is doing okay.

I actually never met her before or during the 2 years she and my cousin were married, though this wasn't a long-lost or distant cousin; I was just off doing my own silly thing at the time. I wish I had.

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