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I have a friend who is looking for some basic info and resources on the Theology of the Body. I have suggested some books and articles, but I am also interested in finding her some talks on tape or CD - preferably free or inexpensive. If you have any suggestions, please drop me a comment or an email. Thanks!
Oh, and ditto on natural law/biomedical ethics, especially as related to pregnancy birth and breastfeeding.


Try these:

I also highly recommend Christopher West. When my husband and I were training to teach marriage prep classes, we were shown a video series on Theology of the Body by Christopher West. It was excellent, but it is long. His book, "The Good News About Sex and Marriage is very good."

I had heard of Christopher West but never read anything by him until the most recent Crisis magazine came out. It has a magnificent summary of the Theology of the Body and why it matters. It was so good that I can't wait to read more ... and before I was fairly disinterested in the whole thing.

As Philothea Rose suggested, "Good News about Sex and Marriage" by West is supposed to be very good. My priest recommended it to me this weekend.

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