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says what I would have said had I the time and talent.
A review of G.K. Chesterton on Babies and Distributism, with a side note on the Netherlands' newest twist on infanticide, here.


What struck me most about this article is the connection between birth control and capitalism.

The Church used to prohibit Usery, by which was meant lending money at interest. Not excessive interest, but ANY interest. In fact, this law was never rescinded. Catholics just stopped obeying it and the church gave up on enforcing it or talking about it. Now, without lending at interest, there could have been no Capitalism.

The prohibition of contraception seems to be going a similar route to the prohibition of usery (usury?), not being reversed, but allowed to slide into oblivion,

It has always seemed to me that if the first had been followed, the second would be much easier to obey, as we would have a world in which most work was done at home and children were needed and valued.

It might also be a world without many truly good things did not come about,even a world in which more children died. I don't know so, but an argument could surely be made that the rise of the use of the scientific method did not just happen at the same time as the rise of capitalism, but was connected to it..and certainly the use of that method on a large scale to find and manufacture and distribute vaccines and antibiotics, has been dependent on capitalism.

Even so, the parallelism between what happened to the one teaching and what is happening to the other, is intriguing, especially when you put it together with Chesterton's ideas.
Susan F. Peterson

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