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"America's Bishop tells the full story ... You'll also find here the delightful story of how Sheen's celebrated TV show, expected even by network executives to be a short-lived public service broadcast, became a national sensation."

I was listening to the radio on my way in to work this morning, and I was struck by the mention of NPR's ombudsman. I am contemplating asking them why it is that there was no mention at all earlier this week on the 25th anniversary of Bishop Sheen's death, when NPR has done historical and cultural commentary on all sorts of other media and popular culture issues and icons. Don't you think it interesting that the man who managed to out-rate Milton Berle might be something to examine in depth in the mainsteam media?


Excellent book. I inhaled this one. Bishop Sheen is a fascinating figure and this biographer is a really good writer.

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