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Some of you may have noticed that I have ADD - I get easily distracted. The upside is that I can multitask and keep track of chaos - the downside is that I have way to many half-finished projects hanging around. I was reading the last issue of Faith and Family (thanks to whomever in the St. Blog's Women's club suggested that mag!) about some one who comes into your home to help you get organized and chuckling as I read it. I still intend to finish my series on Vioxx and the FDA - the news lately on that topic is getting even more interesting - but I haven't been able to muster the energy to find the citations for the facts I want to cite. Unlike Dan Rather, I do fact check especially with controversial stuff.
In OB, things tend to run in sets. Around the board, when we report off to each other (and soemtimes get informal consults) we refer to this as "The flavor of the week". One recent week, the flavor was hypertension. I think we must have admitted somewhere between 5 and 7 patients who were pregnant and had blood pressure issues over the course of the week. It could have been more, I wasn't counting the ones from the other practices at our hospital. I know that there was a 24 hour call period where I had two patients at term being induced for their blood pressure. The good thing was that their pressures stayed OK enough and their labs were normal enough that I didn't have to turf them to OB management. The bad thing was that I had to not only manage the patients but also watch the student staff (residents, med students) very closely and but teach at the same time. That meant that I had to cancel 12 patients appointments in the office and reschedule them for later.
One of the moms had a very nice birth and a baby who was a great nurser (yeah!!!) but the other one was still remote from delivery when I left at 0830 and turned her over to the other midwife in the practice. That meant that she had to cancel 15 patients and reschedule them! Add that she went on vacation 12 hours after the end of that shift and you get the picture. 27 appointments to rebook within a few days. Thankfully the pregnant moms understand why - they know that if it's their turn we'll do it for them. It's a little harder for the Pap smear and gyn checkup stuff - sometimes these women have arranged time off from work for their annual and it is rough to be rebooked at the last minute. Anyhow, what I was getting at is that being busy at the hospital spills over into being busy at the office - and having totally sleepless nights on call translates into getting home and sleeping rather than doing housework, getting organized, or preparing for the holidays. And writing? well, I try to answer the urgent and important communications in my life, email or otherwise. But mostly the posts I want to write are sitting in the back of my brain, percolating.
I must also confess that there are activities in which I participate regardless of my state of sleep or not. For example, the second Friday of every month is our local Ultreya (cursillo event) and I don't miss that if at all possible. And last night we had our annual Cursillo dance which was a blast. I try not to miss choir rehearsal and Sunday Mass is non-negotiable.
I see that many of my fellow bloggers are talking about Thanksgiving. I suppose I could too - but I probably won't. It isn't that I don't have things to say, but that if I am going to write a long post I really want to get to my backlog of ideas and thoughts. But who knows what will fall out of my brain in the next few days. I am really glad that there are other bloggers out there who can keep up with the other stuff of life. I don't any more feel the compulsion to put a "me too" out there.

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