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Tomorrow I will be giving a talk on family planning to around 10 couples in a marriage prep course.
I will have about 40 minutes - that's all. I have total carte blanche. I have prepared a set of handouts and brochures already. I have teaching schedules and contact info for most if not all NFP teachers in New Hampshire.
Those of you who have gone through marriage prep in the Catholic church - what do you remember about this talk? What worked? what didn't?
I have lots of different ideas about how to approach this, but I haven't written an outline or prepared lots of AV stuff - I am relying on the Hopy Spirit to help me on this one.
Addendum - there were 9 couples there. I didn't get a lot of questions, but neither did I get any snickers or yawns. One couple there had already been through a course, and had some intelligent questions. One couple there was from Maine and were more interested in midwifery than NFP - I gave them my contact info and I hope to hear from them soon. I enjoyed myself and I hope that the other 8 couples will sign up for an NFP course before their wedding days.



Praying for you today--

Oh, I commented before I saw your addendum. Glad it went well!

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