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is anyone out there? have I managed to totally alienate my few readers? Nahhh. I would guess that you are all too busy with your lives and getting ready for Thanksgiving to drop by and comment.


After the last dustup, I figured I'd better keep my mouth shut. ;-) I'm getting into enough trouble on my own blog . . . .

Hugs, darlin. It's a busy season, but you're not forgotten. Send me your address! I need to send out Christmas cards!

Hi Alicia!

Kinda slow over our way, too. But then, Smock's fixin' to leave town and I'm beginning to get into the pre-holiday cleaning frenzy!

You're loved!

Still here! I'm just working 50-60 hours a week and sharing a computer w/ my bro (and the comp resides in his room) bec I'm not willing to put $ into fixing mine since I seldom have time to use it. So my computer usage is very limited right now!

((alicia)) I'm dropping by, I just haven't been commenting. I've been catching up on a lot of housework and projects.

Happy Thanksgiving, Alicia!

Happy Thanksgiving, Alicia! I drop by practically every day but usually without commenting.

I'm still reading daily as well, but like the others I often comment less than I should - there's that obligation to actually contribute something worthwhile which keeps me quiet!

Keep up the good work.

God bless,

Hey Alicia! I drop by just about every day, but I usually don't comment. I'm bad about that -- it's not because your posts aren't thought-provoking, it's just that I often feel like anything I'd add would sound stupid. LOL.

I've only recently discovered your blog and I like! I like! I'd have to agree with your first two commentors...I don't have anything unique to say so I keep it zipped! (or untyped, or unsaid, or whatever!)

I'm here - keep it up!

I hardly ever drop by, but when I do I comment. Like right now.

Okay, that's a lie. Truth is the opposite. My assignment is to make a bunch of desserts for Thanksgiving. And a big bowl of German potato salad. And to drink my share of the wine. So I hope this'll do you for a few days.

What Nathan said. How about a flash essay on gardening?

I'm here everyday, too. Just find it hard to nak or to type one-handed, while my piggy eats or cuddles. And we all have the flu right now!

Hugs from the far North!

i'm still reading. i check your blog about as often as i do "blog rounds" and nothing interrupts me (lately, stuff interrupts a lot, or [especially little] people do, which is not a bad thing.) i've been through a spell of feeling sorry for myself over birth so i guess i've skimmed over some things that remind me. but i still like to check in w/the midwife even when going light on the midwifery stuff...

Happy Thanksgiving, Alicia. Still reading here in your home state.

I'm also still here. I usually don't comment on blogs a whole lot, but read faithfully. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!


Alicia, you are always in our prayers.


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