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The elections are over, now I hope we can get on with other important stuff. My dear husband tumbled into bed last night around midnight after close to 16 hours solid work making sure that the radio station would be able to do all the various remote broadcasts without any major glitches. Today he got up at the usual early hour to get the women in his life out the door to school and work, and then helped the gas man to install the lines and set up our (new to us/used) gas stove. Hurrah!!! After 4 years of tolerating an electric range, I am finally going to be able to cook with gas again!
I also had a couple of nice births this week - one where the mom graciously allowed me to let a medical student catch her baby (her 4th) and even let me teach him, on her, how to do an atraumatic placenta birth. The other mom was having her second baby and had her teenaged older daughter in the room. Big sister got to cut the cord and be among the first people to hold the little princess.
So it has been a reasonable week for me, despite the election furors. We had some fresh Brussel Sprouts from the CSA - I couldn't remember how I cooked them last year but I did remember that Erik suggests blanching them first, so I did that, and then cooked them on low heat in some garlic butter. Brussel Sprouts are about the only cruciferous vegetable that I didn't like, but I think I have figured out how to make them enjoyable - as long as I don't have to eat them out of season I should be OK.
My computer is still out for repairs. It's annoying, because all my blogging shortcuts are on it, and I don't want to leave trails on other computers so I am doing all kinds of stuff the long way. The result is that I am not posting as much as I usually would. I realize that I need to finish up my observations on the FDA etc - I have stuff drafted in my mind but writing it and adding in the links is more work than I am up to right now.
I hate the transitions to and from daylight savings time. I find myself waking up now at 0330 and only getting back to sleep just about the time I should be getting up.
Whoops, gotta go. One of the docs is asking me to go translate for him with his Spanish only speaking patient. more later.


Enjoy your gas stove!

I have a recipe for Brussels sprouts that we all enjoy (except the 2yo). It sounds similar to your plan, but I don't blanch them. I cut them in half, top to bottom, and cook them cut side down in butter (lots of it!) for 25-30 minutes along with a couple of split cloves of garlic. Fish out the garlic if it gets too brown. Make sure the sprouts fit in a single layer in the skillet, and peek occasionally to make sure they are all getting a little brown underneath. Depending on your pan, it's easy for the middle sprouts to burn while the edge sprouts stay pale. It's that bit of caramelization that makes them so delicious.

I have an Italian friend who steamed Brussels sprouts and then baked them in thick white sauce with grated Parmesan. It was scrumptious but I have not been able to duplicate it in my own kitchen.

It's a bit of a shame that I am taking these anti-cancer veggies and smothering them in butterfat, I suppose. My oldest son begs for them, though. (Isn't that funny?)

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