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What follows in the extended entry is something I got in my mailbox today. I am somewhat surprised that it wasn't left in a comments box.
I admit, I am somewhat intrigued by anyone who admits to being a cafeteria catholic. So I went over to the site and looked over their poll. Whoa, the way those questions are phrased are so loaded that I am incredulous. One of the best ways to bias a poll is to phrase your questions so that the answers will be what the pollster's financing wants it to be.
I haven't taken the time to really look into this organization. But I thought that some of the more political among you might be interested in investigation.
Oh, and the results they gave me don't really agree with how I intend to vote, either. It is all in the weighting of the possible answers.

I saw your blog and thought you might be interested in a voting guide and flash animation by the Catholic Voting Project.

Here is a link to a short flash animation:

Catholic Dining with Bush and Kerry
, a lighthearted look at Catholic doctrine and the race for the U.S. Presidency. This animation uses the US Catholic Bishops statement on voting, Faithful Citizenship, to explore how both Presidential candidates measure up to Catholic teaching.

CafeteriaCatholics.com is brought to you by the Catholic Voting Project, an independent, non-partisan organization dedicated to providing voting resources to American Catholics. Visit votingcatholic.org for more information.

Jennifer Hojaiban
Catholic Voting Project


Well, I haven't read everything on the site, but (even if they do turn out to be what we would consider not "orthodox" Catholics,) is it possible that the title is a joke?

The parish we currently attend used to have "The best cafeteria Catholics in [our area]" on its website as Sunday Masses are in a public school cafeteria until parish property is available. I was taken aback that they'd even joke about such a thing, and wondered if they didn't think picking and choosing really was such a big problem! Until I poked around a little more on the site, and actually went there. Sounds like I'm not the only one who had that reaction to the joking on the website, but there's still a reference to the "cafeteria" up there until the new location finally opens.

Oh and I saw that site earlier and didn't bother taking the quiz because I figured I'd be bored by it. Yes I know that there are "other issues" and I'm not even likely to believe that the "pro-choice" candidate would be a better option on those grounds if the abortion issue didn't knock him out of the running.

Many of us Catholic bloggers got the same email. On Dom's site he notice the same thing and says.

"Of course if you look at the bios of all the contributors to the project, you can see a litany of left-wing causes, courses of study, and colleges listed so itís not surprising how it turned out."

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