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Tuesday we took in all the last veges from the garden in anticipation of a killing frost. I have a basket of green tomatoes and green peppers and one lonely eggplant. The flowers on the eggplants will probably end up dying off, but I couldn't bear to uproot the plants yet.
I know that I usually put up a fairly long and thought out post most Thursdays, but today I probably won't. You see, it is my baby's 16th birthday today, and I have lots of other stuff to get done. I promised her that I would make it down to see at least part of her Cross-country meet this afternoon, and she is having a passel of friends over tomorrow for California style tacos, so I have to excavate the house a little more today.
October 5th was another milestone - my next to the youngest child turned 21.
Where did the years go?


Enjoy the bday! When you get the chance, tell us what you're going to do with your green tomatoes. I have a bunch of them too.

Happy Birthday from the MD Mosses!

It sounds like an occasion for feeling really accomplished, or "proud" of your children for lack of a better word... but I guess I can understand the weirdness of their baby-selves and little-kid-selves being only a memory...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

Happy birthdays to both of them, and wishes for many more decades of such.


All Saints’ Episcopal School wishes to say, “Happy Birthday” to both of your daughters. Wishing you many happy returns on the day of thy birth. May seasons of joy be given. May God in His mercy, prepare you on Earth. For a beautiful birthday in Heaven. (Applause!)

Dear Alicia, I was in the process of writing to you when I read that it is your girls’ birth month. Sadie has written a wonderful poem about her family, which speaks for itself. The link is at http://pages.prodigy.net/dehurst/_wsn/page20.html

Yours, dehurst

Happy Birthday to your children! My former MIL had three children whose birthdays were Oct. 6,8 and 10 and her birthday was the 3rd!
My late husband was one of them (the 6th) and my nephew's is the 4th.
October is a wonderful birthday month.

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