I am a blogger - I am not a jihadist!

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Brokaw, Jennings Show Support for Rather

"What I think is highly inappropriate is what going on across the Internet, a kind of political jihad ... that is quite outrageous," the NBC anchor said at a panel on which all three men spoke.


jihad has become the fashionable hate label of the left. Jihadist will take its place in the lexicon along with sexist, racist, chauvinist, facist, homophobe, etc. The logic behind its use is: you accused of lying, you caught us in the lie, you proved it was indeed a lie, therefore you are full of hate.

so any cause without the imprimatur of the Left becomes a "jihad?" Lovely.

Perhaps we need to turn this one against them ASAP: NARAL, the leader in the pro-abortion jihad....

Five years ago, wouldn't the term have been nazis?

Look, will everyone who has an opinion and posted it online please just apologize for voicing those opinions? Freedom of speech and respect for accuracy does NOT apply if you disagree with Dan Rather. After all, he went to journalism school and knows about complicated things that the little minds of mere mortals know nothing about. Besides, bloggers don't have a staff of fact-checkers who will winnow out the untru....uh, I mean, partisa....um, well...just agree with him, for pete's sake. That's all.

/sarcasm off

i do so love being a counter-cultural radical -- it makes me feel warm and moral all over!

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