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Alexa has found images that she finds representative of various blogs. Here is the one she found for me.

I like it. Not very midwifey, and that is OK. Below is an image I found and was considering using to replace my other Maria Lactans pic. It is the Madonna of the Green Cushion, found in the Louvre, and is the frontispiece for the book Mother and Infant by Fr. Wm. Virtue.

maria lactans.jpg


Oh, I love the Virgin of the Green Cushion! I have it hanging in my living room.

I love it, too.

(And the old LLL leader in me likes the demonstration of the use of a pillow to boost baby into a comfy position.....altho the baby should be in a "face to breast; tummy to chest" position - just to ensure that things work smoothly. Altho I don't know if proper positioning is conducive to artful representation, which is the real thrust of the picture. Oooh, I can be way too picky at times. Like I should be criticizing the Mother of God's mothering.... :) )

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