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John Kerry at Steubenville
I was interested in listening to the radio coverage (NPR) because I knew there would be protesters - the protesters got no air coverage. I am contemplating writing to the NPR ombudsman to ask why the protesters at the RNC got so much air time but the protesters in Steubenville got nada. Maybe it was because they were neatly dressed and well-behaved?


>Maybe it was because they were neatly dressed and well-behaved?

Well, duh!!! ;)
Everyone knows you have to be a rockthrowing anarchist or a democrat wearing a dayglo wig and a tutu jumoping up and down saying "look at me! Look at me! Look at Meeeeeeeeee!!!" to get news coverage!!

Wheres the sensationalism in reporting on well behaved, rational intelligent people? Gee whiz, dont you know ANYTHING????? ;) ;)

the squeaky wheel always gets the oil.

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