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Looks like I will be flying out to San Diego Wednesday night for a funeral Thursday. It will be in the parish church of the Anglican school where I went as a child, where my Gram taught 1st grade for decades, where my parents met and married. The last time I was in an Anglican church was also a funeral liturgy.
We are still working on the details - the devil is always in the details as they say. Of course, because of the holiday weekend it will be Tuesday before I can change all the appointments that will need to be changed. My scheduling person at work will not be happy - we are already double booked for much of next week due to the holiday. I just hope that my dentist doesn't have a major fit - the policy is 2 business days before a cancellation and my appointment is Thursday morning.
I am not doing well. I thought I would be OK, but I had trouble sleeping last night, was up early this AM, and then napped a bit only to be interrupted by my sister calling to tell me the details of the funeral. Am also fretting about the hurricane in Florida, those poor families in Russia, and life, the universe, and all. Time for me to back off and let go, let God. Tough for an oldest child of 2 oldest children to do, though. Looking forward to Mass tomorrow. I wish that I could cry.


Just read that Sophia died... am sorry, and praying.

I am so sorry, alicia. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. I know it has got to be a terrible blow to all of you, especially to Sophia's parents. God bless you all.

I'm praying for Sophia and her family. It can all be so overwhelming sometimes. I'm praying for God's grace and peace for you.

So very, very sorry, Alicia. Adding my prayers to those of others. What a difficult thing to bear!

Am so very sorry. Keeping you all in my prayers....

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