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Sophia Isadora Lindley Kessler
12/20/89 to 9/3/04
Eternal rest grant to her oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.
Sophia's live journal
North County News


How poignant that her own web site was titled "Life is short, live it."

I have a granddaughter named Sophia, a wonderful name. My own youngest daughter just turned makes it hard even to read about this. I don't ever want to know how it feels to have this happen to me.

You don't say anything about the perpetrator and how people are dealing with their anger...rage it must be,,,at him. We are supposed to forgive....I think even if people don't know enough to be sorry, we aren't supposed to hate them...but how could one manage this? Of course God would make it possible, but how difficult to even get to want to ask Him for this grace.

I just said a prayer for the mother of the child.

Susan Peterson

I've added Sophia's name to my book for the departed. I believe in this kind of thing God doesn't count my "suspension of disbelief" state against me. Thank you, Alicia, for the kind things you said on my blog a couple of months back.

for the parents of sophia

hey im so sorry about your lost , sophia sounds like a loving girl from what i've heard. I'm one of molly's friends, but i still cry every night even though i don't know sophia. I wish I did though. i wish she could still be there for you, as of like physically it's really really hurtful to lose a loved one welll i hope the families doin better.

a friend of molly's,
Christopher Russell

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