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Homebirth article

My only complaint is that they do not recognize that some CNMs and even some FP docs will attend home births.


I was shouting but I sure wasn't dancing.... :)
But it was a wonderful experience for all of us - that includes baby Eddie. My biggest regret is that it took us 6 babies to finally get to that point. Altho #'s 4 & 5 were born in the hospital with homebirth family practitioners attending - by #6 my husband was convinced that he was ready. We are fortunate in the Chicago area to have several fine practices of family practitioners that attend homebirths (and will also, if necessary, give you as close as possible to a homebirth in a hospital...), including Dr. Eisenstein, who was mentioned in the sidebar of the article. I saw him on the Phil Donahue show when I was cutting class one day back in college. I thought homebirth was such a cool idea. It took awhile, but Dr. Eisenstein 'caught' baby #5... (I guess that's my brush with fame...just about as good as winning a car on Oprah - maybe better. At least #5 has appreciated in the past 15 years, whereas a car.....well, our car is that old and it doesn't look too good!)

I saw this article while in the waiting room, and was sceptical until I read it. For being in an Ob/Gyn waiting room in the highly medicalized Boston / Med School Related area I am in, it was surprisingly positive. Hooray!


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