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Cockaleekie soup, bread, and beverages.
It is rainy and grey, and even though hot soup seems bizarre in the middle of August, it is what fits the weather.
We may also serve some brie with fruit and crackers for dessert.
My garden has been generous with tomatoes, and later this week I will probably make gazpacho. Yum, gazpacho. I will probably also try Erik's recipe for tomato grappatini, now that I have both good fresh tomatoes and decent grappa.
The best thing about this weather is that it makes it easier to go back to work after vacation.


I don't even know what cockaleekie, gazpacho, and grappa are. Somehow your dinner sounds good anyway.

Hmmm...Cock-a-leekie! We were just dscussing this at Two Sleepy Mommies.

Mama Owl,

Cock-a-leekie is just what it sounds like: Scottish Chicken and Leef soup. Traditionally a LOT more leekie than cock, though usually made with a lot more chicken in these more affluent times.

A bowl of that and a stovie (scottish potato steamed in milk) will absolutely fortify you!

Correction: Chicken and Leek, not leef.

Oh, that's funny, I'd assumed it was some kind of vegetable or root or something (cockaleekie.) Thanks for the info. The gazpacho sounds good without even knowing what it is. Spicy tomato something or other I'd imagine. (Like I can't just Google this stuff.)

But we've run ourselves ragged and I'll probably have McDonald's or something for dinner. Don't call the pregnancy police on me.

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