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Midwifery is like the ED - hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. I've had a busy day on call, but the babies are all out and their moms and dads are holding them, and I have a (probably misplaced) sense of accomplishment. In reality, the moms do all the work. I'm just there as their trail guide, their lifeguard, their consultant. And they trust me enough to share those precious moments of birth.
I am immensely privileged in the work I have been called to do. Days like this, as stressful as they can be, are still my reward for the years of schooling and the hours of practice. To be able to say to a mom, "Reach down and lift your baby out of your body" is such an incredible high. To help a baby find the way to mom and food is such an incredible joy. Even in times where there are problems or complications, it means a lot to be able to help the family process their grief at the loss of their dream birth or dream baby.
Yes, I love being a midwife. And I also love it when the babies are born in time for me to get a reasonable night's sleep!
Good night all.

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