McGreevey's resignation


TSO has a nice alternative version of his resignation speech. I have been thinking about this event, and wishing that the Governor would have had the courage to speak the truth in a way that would have glorified God, rather than pandering to our culture or his own disordered attractions.
I had this fantasy of him saying something like the following. (shades of the prodigal son)

Good Afternoon. I have come before you to confess that I am a grievous sinner, that I have sinned against my wife and against you have entrusted me to govern you. I have violated my marriage vows and have indulged my lust for another man. I am not worthy of the trust that she or you have placed in me. I will take just enough time to try to get the Governor's house in order, and will resign effective that date. In the meanwhile, I am placing myself under the spiritual direction of ******* and will be starting a lengthy penance, and trying to restore some of the trust I so foolishly squandered. Please pray for me and for those I have hurt through my foolish and selfish sin.

not likely, but one can always hope and pray.

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