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Good News
a possible resource for my unhappy commenter.


Ah. So I go from having a deep dark hidden sin I need to confess to being a whore. Nice.

Later, lady.

Read the whole fliffing blog before you go off! I was NOT referring to any particular post but rather to the concept of that blog - to share inspirational stories and good news!
Quit thinking that you are the center of the universe. You aren't, I'm not. God is.

The filter is your friend, the filter is your friend, the filter is your friend... use your controls Alicia. You don't need this kind of grief!!!

I'm with Elena: you can't medicate this person's rage. She somehow sees everything you do as a direct insult to her. No point in continuing a losing fight.

Pray for her, send her an explanatory e-mail, then ban for 30 days. Her sniping isn't helping her, and you sure haven't earned the grief.

Thirty days cools things off and leaves hope for change. If that doesn't work, at least you tried.

Wow, Alicia, I have never seen anyone go so far to try to help a commenter get the point. By taking it this far you have given nmm more than sufficient time to show if he or she will look at it from any point of view other than theirs. Kudos! I think next I'd follow Dale's sage advice. Sometimes prayer and a cooling off period are the only answers.

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