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My daughter is taking AP Modern European History this year (she is a junior). She will have two textbooks, one of which we are required to buy (in a public school, no less!). It is Palmer, R. R.; Colton, Joel; Kramer, Lloyd, A History of the Modern World . The other was not a required purchase, but the teacher included an excerpt from it and I was so excited that I decided to purchase it as well. It is Barr, Stringfellow The Pilgrimage of Western Man. 1st edition 1947, revised 1962 - it seems to be a very Catholic history of Europe. Have any of you homeschoolers read these books or used them? The Barr seems like an excellent find, especially since I could get it at abebooks for under $10.
BTW, abebooks is my favorite on-line used book store. Their prices are reasonable, their search engine is very usable, and they have always been reasonable to work with.


I used both of those books in my IB European History HL class (I got a 7 for the course)... and the following year, got a 5 on the AP European History exam (which netted me 6 credits for college).

The Palmer book is very good and Stringfellow Barr is a classic. I would also recommend Anthony Traynor and William Manchester.

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