freedom of choice?

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"The long-standing medical definition held by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is that pregnancy begins when the fertilized egg is implanted in the ut****e lining.'

Um, isn't that only in the last 30 years that this definition has been used? That's not really very long when you consider the history of medicine.

I really don't like where they compare the Pill to AIDS drugs....well, not with the objection being "I disagree with homosexuality." I think a pharmacist should be able to not dispense if s/he believes that the AIDS drugs do more harm than good.

At first, I thought it would be ok to refer to another pharmacist, but I would hope that pharmacists refusing to fill birth control Rx would have a pamphlet and short explanation of *how* the pill can kill babies and why s/he won't fill the Rx. The patient is free to access the medicine using her own *free will* (what did Will ever do to get him locked up in the first place??? I hear so much about freeing will!). What is the properly-formed conscience to do? Does referring to another pharmacist make you complicit?

ps....Add me to your list of 6 faithful readers. I like your blog!!!

I emailed the link to Culbreath. Fascinating.

thanks for the link. as you know, and as the article points out, this is a very hot topic in TEXAS right now.
in fact, i made several (five or six) calls and spoke to various frustrating hacks at eckerd before leaving several messages. buck after buck was passed and not one person was willing to speak about the controversy. one nimrod even claimed ignorance of the situation. shyuh right.

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