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I've had a few of my regular readers suggest that I ban a particular commenter, and so I thought that I would post the basics of my particular policy. It is more a guideline - it is after all my blog and I can choose to be arbitrary at any time.
I do not intend to ban any commenter who is a real person, who has a valid email address, and who does not use profanity of language as I define it. I would prefer that commenters be polite whether they agree or disagree with me, but you have to be pretty over the line before I will delete your comment or ban your IP address.
I have had to deal with some pretty wacko people in my life, and I am not easily rattled. My intent in replying to negative commentary is to clarify my position and ideas. I am not responsible for how others interpret me, but I will make a concerted effort to restate any unclear ideas or ambiguous concepts in English as clear as I possibly can.
If it becomes obvious that I am not communicating, I will continue to pray for the person with whom the miscommunication has occurred. The fact that a dialogue, however imperfect, has continued, tells me that there is a need of some kind that is being met.
I reserve the right to ignore any comments that I choose to ignore.
Private email will not be blogged without permission. I consider links included in any private email to be bloggable at my discretion, given that the internet is an extremely public forum.
I appreciate the concern that my regular readers have expressed. It is good to know that I am not totally unable to communicate my ideas. Growing up as the perennial outsider who was chronically misundersood by my peers has left me a little insecure in that arena.
on a final note: the difference between a clique and a support network consists of two things - whether one in on the inside or the outside, and whether the insiders invite you in or utterly reject you. Thank you (and you know who you are) for inviting me in.


Clear and charitable ... just what I'd expect from you, Alicia.

I like the way that LaShawn Barber puts it ... you are queen of your domain!

I agree with Julie, you're a class act Alicia!

I think you're ok too.

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