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Happy St Mary Magdalen day! I'm here staying with a friend and her family while we both attend a conference. I tell you, it is wonderful to be at a conference that has daily Mass attended by most of the participants!
I heard a heart-breaking story today about an experience with IVF (in-vitro fertilization, aka test-tube babies). I have never thought IVF to be a good idea even without the moral implications, but I will admit that I have thought about it from the woman's POV. This tale of woe caused me to think about the man's experience, suffering shame and humiliation and performance pressure, for love of his wife and desire for a child of their genes. It is really sad that our culture has so adopted the mentality of 'bypass' rather than 'diagnose and cure' for infertility.
Maybe we have adopted that erroneous mentality in other areas of life, as well. I am going to mull that one over for a few.

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Infertiliy and fidelity from Two Sleepy Mommies on July 24, 2004 7:19 AM

Alicia is sending out occasional updates from her trip to Omaha, where she is attending the NaPro Technology conference. In her last post, she remarks, I have never thought IVF to be a good idea even without the moral implications,... Read More


Hey Alicia,
I hope you are enjoying the conference and hope to hear more about it once you get back and have some time. I wish more midwives and doctors would make themselves more informed of natural fertility care, regardless of what their moral stance might be on contraception and reproductive technology. They preach about patients giving informed consent, yet they can't adequately present the pros and cons of ALL choices, and usually wind up bashing NFP because they don't fully understand how it works or why anyone would choose it. ::sigh::

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