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I really do try to be apolitical on this blog, mostly because there are others out there who do a much better job than I possibly can. There are a lot of political bloggers out there, Catholic and otherwise. My degrees aren't in political science, history, or any of the other stuff out there that relates to public policy. My degrees are in Nursing, Literature, and Midwifery. Along the way I came close to a degree in French and I took exams equivalent to 21 units of Health Insurance law and policy. (It's a long story of a job I did for 4 years).
I frankly have many other things to mull over and hopefully to blog about. I am heartsick about the direction that the political action this year. I have stopped reading a few blogs just because I can't handle the degree of uncharity and stridor.
However, I did just get around to reading Kelly Clark's July 19th posting on the so-called "Communion Controversy" and I can highly recommend it. It says a lot of what I would have said had I chosen to address the topic.
On a sort of related note - my dh and I high-tailed it out of town just as the DNC was getting into full fury - a decision for vacation time that I think was more than just a little Providential. It is a good time to be nowhere near New England.
(side comment - DNC is how some laypeople write D&C, the abbreviation for Dilitation and Curretage, a surgical procedure for emptying the uterus which is employed for many reasons, including abortion. everytime I hear a radio person commenting on the DNC I get a flash of the image of a D&C).

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